Help Autism McLean identify autism friendly places and resources in McLean County.

(This survey is for individuals with autism, their friends, family or allies.)

Please share your experiences and testimonials about autism-friendly services, resources, activities, businesses, and organizations in McLean County.* Your participation will allow us to:

  • Identify activities, services, and supports for people with autism in McLean County
  • Connect people living with autism to the resources in our community
  • Envision future needs and initiatives

Your testimonials can help us:

  • Collect examples of how organizations can support and include people with autism
  • Encourage others to be autism-friendly

* Permission: By completing this survey you are giving permission to Autism McLean to include the information you provide in an autism resource directory, to be made available to the public. Your identity will be kept confidential and Autism McLean will not contact you without your permission.

Thank you for participating!